The Parking Lot And The Mistakes Companies Ought To Avoid

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Parking lots can greatly boost the number of customers who visit your business, and in turn can improve the sales of your business. As such, it is important to have even a small parking lot for a business. However, there are many businesses that do not fully understand how to properly plan a parking lot. Here are some of the mistakes they make:

  • Do not assume your customers only use cars – parking lots always tend to cater chiefly to cars, and of course, there is nothing wrong with doing so. The majority of the population indeed does use cars and other similar vehicles, and it is only natural that a majority of parking spaces in a parking lot are for these. However, you should not forget that there are other types of vehicles – and you should include space for these as well. Whether that is installing a few bike racks Perth, or providing bigger (or smaller) spaces for other vehicle types, the key here is having at least a few spaces for every type of vehicle.
  • Do not think of parking spaces in the traditional sense – nowadays, there are plenty of developments aimed at improving efficiency and ease. Such developments can also be seen with regards to parking lots – and you should by all means consider them if necessary. The traditional idea of a parking lot is a large tarmac ground with squares marked out for vehicles, but that is not the only option you have. Busy districts for example, have resorted to taking their parking lots underground, and others have even used several storeys of their buildings for parking. There are also relatively new and efficient innovations in the form of ‘car stacking’, which can increase parking space by two or three times.
  • Not considering extra parking facilities – another big mistake many businesses tend to make is assuming a single parking facility will be sufficient to meet their needs. This is a particularly egregious mistake to commit if your business is due to expand further or is in the process of doing so, because a larger business will inevitably attract a larger amount of customers. Conversely, by keeping your parking lot small, you will be limiting the number of customers who will visit the business during the expansion process and this can greatly harm your financial stability. if your business also has distinct busy seasons, it might be worthwhile to consider some options to resort to at least for such seasons. And at the very least, if you cannot find extra parking facilities, you might want to consider professional businesses providing line marking in Perth or elsewhere – they might be able to redraw your parking space layout to maximize space and squeeze in a few more parking spaces.
  • Do not be averse to teaming up with other businesses – this point can especially help you if you are located in a very shopping district or business district of a large city. Most businesses tend to be at odds with each other in order to maximize their revenues, but when it comes to parking, it is often a good idea to team up with someone else, so do not be against it. It is easier to acquire a larger parking facility for a number of businesses than to try and find a space by yourself – especially when you factor in the costs. And you can always avoid the losses of having a nearly empty parking space during the less busy seasons and hours. For more information, please log on to

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