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wedding ring

There is no such thing as an “off-the-shelf” wedding or, in our opinion, a typical wedding ring. Every single one of our wedding bands is uniquely crafted by pieces of eight, who brings more than 40 years of knowledge to give the ideal way to commemorate your marriage. After you order your ring, debating and perfecting the design is all included in the price. The initial consultation is always free. Whether you’re custom made engagement ring was produced by us or not, we are always delighted to provide guidance and assist you in making the right decision. We’re always prepared to design the custom wedding rings Melbourne of your dreams, whether one of our existing ranges catches your eye (perhaps with a few tweaks) or you have something entirely different in mind.

Which metal should be used for the ring?

For your wedding ring, we have a huge selection of precious metals. Traditional wedding rings are made of yellow gold, but modern wedding rings are increasingly being made of platinum. Additionally, you have the option of mixing the two or going with white gold, which complements platinum especially beautifully.

Matching your wedding band

It’s likely that you will wear your wedding band with your wedding ring forever; therefore it’s crucial that the two are complementary in terms of both appearance and profile. Similar widths make it more likely that neither ring will overpower the other. It’s not necessary for them to exactly match, but it also helps if there are echoes of in your custom wedding ring in Melbourne, whether in the pattern, the settings, the pattern of the stones, or the choice and style of the stones.

Satisfying your needs for unique jeweler

Whatever your preferences and requirements, we strive to give you amazing and exceptional handmade diamond rings and custom jeweler. We specialize in custom made engagement rings customized to your specifications and enjoy collaborating with customers to produce a genuinely unique piece. Your creative ideas are likely to be converted into a piece of custom jeweler that will be cherished for many years to come when combined with the knowledge and experience of our on-site designers, jewelers, and diamond graders. Custom wedding and engagement rings typically cost more because of the time required by jewelers and designers to create them. Pieces of Eight, however, do not impose this added cost. We provide free consultations and only charge for the labor, metal, and diamonds used to make your piece of personalized jeweler. Personalizing your jewelers is never an issue because we won’t be using any pre-made moulds or a computer in a CAD design program to create your piece!

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