The Ultimate Don’ts Of Makeup Wearing To The Gym

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We are all so used to wearing makeup on a daily basis that we don’t even stop to think how it could affect our skin. While it is perfectly alright to use it every now and then, there are certain don’ts you should take in to account especially when you are on your way to the gym, and here are some of them.

Don’t overdo it
As an airbrush makeup artist Melbourne would agree, makeup should only be used to enhance what you have already got and not to hide all of them away by creating a fake look. However today most women actually do the opposite and use this primarily to hide all those freckles and scars behind. This look isn’t you and you should always work on being yourself rather than trying to be someone you are not. And so, while it is perfectly alright that you use this on an average basis, make sure that you don’t overload your face with too much products. This could only damage your skin on the whole. When you are specifically visiting the gym this is something you should avoid at all costs, because while you work out, you sweat and this is released through the pores in your skin. But if they are clogged with makeup then there is a chance that it could lead to breakout and that is something you definitely want to avoid!

Don’t use foundation
Foundation is everything when it comes to makeup and any mobile makeup artist Melbourne would certainly agree that it has a huge role in creating the perfect look. However when it comes to visiting the gym, you should certainly avoid wearing this. As you sweat the foundation may get all messed up and clog up your pores. This could not only create complications to your skin on the whole but also make you look the complete opposite of flawless. So whenever you are visiting the gym make sure you wear no makeup or light makeup.

Reduce the eye work
Eye makeup is another important part of a complete makeup look. However since your primary aim of visiting the gym is to work out and sweat out the toxins, you should avoid doing over the top eye work that could only smear all over your face making your look like a panda! Instead aim for a bare face and not smokey eyes! You could choose to wear mascara to brighten those eyes but make sure that you choose the waterproof kind to avoid such panda eyes!Avoid the above don’ts and work your way to the gym the natural style to avoid complications with makeup while working out!

William Wheeler