Things To Do With Your Friends Without Spending Much

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There is nothing better than hangout and spending the time with your friends but sometimes it can be a bit expensive if you guys are always going out. There plenty of ways to hang out and not spend much not to forget so many fun things to do as well. Let go do something cheap but fun because hey money don’t grow on trees and friendships don’t grow on money.

Ever had a movie marathon? A movie marathon is where you watch several movies consecutively. It can be new movies, old movies, etc. Tell your friends to bring their favorite movies and let everyone get together and watch them all or all of you can decide to watch a whole movie series like the Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, fast and the furious, etc. You can download the movies or watch them on Netflix if you have it.

We all love food and I am sure your friends would love food too. Why not have a BBQ session? You can have an outdoor BBQ at Parkquip session. If you have an electric BBQ at one of your friends place have it there because it easier to use.

Gaming! Take out that dusty board game and take a shot at childhood once again. There are games that a lot of people can play together. It can both fun and a trip down memory lane where you use to play it with your siblings, parents and grandparents. If your friends are not interested in board games you should try playing video games the least. How about a game of one my favorite, Call of Duty? The range of options is huge to choose from.

Forget about staying at home and go out. Go to the park and have a picnic. Just grab a few snacks that are in your houses and an old blanket go chill in the park. Maybe you can get your bicycles and go on hike or somewhere you wanted to go around the town. Well, if you don’t have a bike at least take a walk around town. There are many historical places to visit in almost any town and if you say you haven’t visit them at least go now before you embarrass yourself. Always remember no matter what you do as long you and your friends are together you will always and I mean always have fun and make memories. Years down the line you remember inside jokes and things only you will remember.

William Wheeler