Get A Fast And Fresh Homemade Sandwich For Your Occasion From The Homemade Food Co.

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Looking for a reliable food supplier for your event?

Premade food is prepared in a controlled environment, with professional assistance who are concerned about the safety protocols. Here at The Homemade Food Co., we use clean equipment, and store ingredients at the correct temperature. The idea of delivering premade meals was initiated after observing that it is the most convenient food for people who don’t have the time and skills to cook from scratch for large gatherings. We are known for being the most reliable wholesale food suppliers in Melbourne and offer a huge range of options, including vegetarian, gluten-free and low-fat options. We can also customize your order with specific dietary needs and desired tastes. If you are looking for cost-effective food manufacturers in Sydney then give us a chance to make your event perfect. Our team of foodies, suppliers, local vendors and product development crew has special expertise in their domain to execute the task smoothly. We are a notorious premade sandwich boutique in the wider Australian market.

The Handmade Food Co. special menu:

 As a traditional food manufacturer in Sydney, we source top-quality ingredients from local farmers to maintain the uniformity of each item. Our sandwich options include harissa vegetable & hommus (vegan) / ham, cheese and pickle sandwich/egg and chive on rye sandwich/roast chicken and bacon sandwich/chicken, cheese and mayonnaise sandwich/chicken Caesar sandwich/basil chicken sandwich / roast beef, cheese and relish sandwich/chicken schnitzel with sweet chilli mayo sandwich. The pocket wraps range includes fajita beef and guacamole pocket wrap and tandoori chicken pocket wrap. We have a variety of Croque Toasties which include cheesy egg and bacon croque / roast chicken and guacamole croque / triple cheese and tomato relish croque / chicken and bacon croque / ham and cheese croque monsieur. The range of wraps contains BBQ pulled pork with ranch slaw / roasted vegetable with spiced tomato wrap / sweet chilli chicken wrap/chicken sundried tomato pesto wrap/chicken Caesar wrap. The variety of premium ciabatta has smoked bacon & egg ciabatta, chargrilled vegetable ciabatta and roast chicken with sriracha bacon ciabatta. For Turkish food lovers, we have different options for meals such as basil pesto chicken Turkish, chicken with cheese & avocado Turkish and last but not least breakfast Turkish bread with tasty filling inside. We also deliver bread rolled over a hot dog with sesame seeds topped that can take microwave heat and be ready to eat. In the croissant and breakfast range, we have ham & cheese croissants/bacon & egg toastie / smoked bacon and eff ciabatta/ham, cheese & tomato toasties/ham & cheese monsieur and much more. Our chef provides the best gluten-free smoked ham & tasty cheddar sandwiches/toasties as well. We are regarded as the top wholesale food supplier in Melbourne.

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Contact information is easily accessible on our website or social media pages. While exploring wholesale food suppliers in Melbourne, you will easily find us at the top one. As the best food manufacturers in Sydney, we provide excellent customer service. Moreover, we provide services all around the nation.

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